Our environment must be protected.

Our community's quality of life is directly affected by our environment, we are responsible for repairing past damage done while fighting to improve our local environment and community. I support policies that ensure a sustainable, healthy environment where all people have access to safe food, safe drinking water, and clean air.

I will fight to hold Waste Management responsible for their part in the negative impact the high acre landfill has had and work to create a comprehensive plan that will establish Perinton as an energy producer and move to locally operated waste-to-energy models.

Equality for All

All means all, without exception or qualification.

All people should be able to participate and have a voice in their communities. All people should receive the same rights, protections, and services. I will fight to oppose any form of systemic racism; oppression; injustice; and violence directed at people of color or other minority groups. I will fight for policies that respect the rights of all people to live with dignity and acceptance.

Development and Housing

Accessible transportation, green spaces, and convenient access to food, jobs, and healthcare will help our community thrive. I will fight for affordable and fully accessible housing and support policies for temporary, safe housing for anyone in need. I oppose development that profits a few at the expense of many. I will fight to implement modern technology to make our community more energy efficient and to handle our waste at the local level.

Economic Equality

I will work to build a community where people come first in an economy that is equitable and fair.